We have all heard the robotic drawl of the world’s most famous computer-generated voice, but the person behind that voice has remained an enigma until the 2014 release of the critically acclaimed biopic The Theory of Everything. …

I have seen a mariner with stars on his brow,

navigate the black bowl of the sky

like a pale flame borne upon wings of storm -

His name was Humankind.

I met him in the garden where sin was first born,

slumbering in blue-spun twilit hours;

and we played…

When life gets tough, it’s often pretty liberating to just scream to the sky, “Where is the justice in this world?”

Good question. Because that is exactly what I wonder.

I wonder, throughout the countless years in human history, what exactly has justice been? …

The year 2020. A raging pandemic, a citywide lockdown and a flood of emotional turmoil.

A gauze of uncertainty blurred my visions of the future — a debating championship in Singapore, writing competitions that had piqued my interest, stacks of books, gathering dust.

I remember those months of lockdown, cooped…

As you walk down the street, do you look into each face that passes you, and wonder what is behind the face, behind the facade of said person?

As I look into each face, I wonder.

I wonder if that face believes in justice. Does he wonder why justice today…

Title: And the Mountains Echoed

Author: Khaled Hosseini

Genre: Generational drama/ historical novel

Pages: 444



Set in Afghanistan, the novel takes place over several generations, beginning in the fall of 1952, takes us several years into the past, and ends more than half a decade later in 2010. Hauntingly…

It was a bright cold day in January, and the sky was a perfect piece of pale azure, interspersed with ragged wreaths of cloud that were quickly snuffed away by the wind. …

I believe that the sea can sing.

Sitting on the shore, I put my hand out into the water. The water tugs at my fingers, as if trying to pull me into the ocean’s welcoming arms. The waves ripple, breaking the smooth surface of the ocean, crested with white foam…

Iris Tsui

Hong Kong Young Writer

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